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What is Temporary Email?

What is Temporary Mail?

Temporary Mail helps you protect your real inbox from spam and safeguard your privacy.

  • Temporary Mail offers temporary email addresses to keep your real inbox safe from spam and phishing emails sent by websites you sign up for.
  • Using a temporary email address to register on websites can prevent your real email address from being leaked and protect your privacy.
  • Temporary Mail is easy to use. Emails are stored for one hour, making it convenient for users to check verification codes and confirm emails.

Why Use Temporary Mail?

Keep user data private and spam out of their inboxes.

  • Sign up for websites using a temporary email address to prevent your real inbox from being flooded with spam and marketing emails.
  • Temporary email protects your online anonymity and prevents websites from tracking your browsing for targeted ads, especially useful when searching for vacations.
  • Temporary email addresses can be used to get perks like new account access, discounts, and promo codes.
Why Use Temporary Email?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send emails using a temporary email address?

Nope, temporary email addresses are only for receiving emails.

Is the email address provided a fake one?

No, these are all real email addresses, with limited functionality and a short lifespan.

I haven't gotten the email I was expecting. What should I do?

Sometimes, our emails get caught in spam filters because of the domain name we use for temporary addresses. If this happens, you might not get our messages, or they might look a little funky.
If you're having trouble, just hit us up using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page and we'll get you sorted right away.

How long is email saved?

Under any condition, emails are kept for at most 1 hour. After this page is closed for 1 hour, the temporary email address and mailbox will be thoroughly deleted. If the user obtains a new email address, the old email address and the emails in that mailbox will be immediately deleted.